A small Trick To Keep Your Child Safe..

A stranger met an 8-year-old girl outside her school and told her that her mother is in some trouble so she has sent him to take her home. Without any hesitation, girl asked, “What’s the password?” Listening to this unexpected question that man ran away.


Actually that girl and her mother had agreed on a password so that in case of emergency if mother has to send someone else to pick her then she can ask for a password for confirmation.

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SMS Fraud : Stay Alert


I really appreciate the hard work of our fraudsters. First they send an SMS using a reputed name like “Airtel” (however I would have preferred to use the relevant bank name as sender), creating basic websites with some XYZ domain names, choosing a random bank to mention in the message and using same template again and again with different bank names with an assumption that If someone doesn’t have Kotak card then he/she might be having SBI one.

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