Sometimes You don’t have to say Anything. Silence Speaks it All..

Silence is gold.

A man derives various advantages by keeping silent.

Firstly, Speaking is a physical exercise. And like any other physical exercise, it uses energy. But by talking less we can save this energy which can be used for other useful purposes.

Secondly, a man, who talks too much, often utters thoughtless words which create many difficulties for him. Byron, a great English poet, made a hundred enemies for every ten jokes he made.


Thirdly, by talking too much, we generally expose ourselves. A man who knows nothing may be able to deceive people for a little while. But if he goes on talking the listeners soon come to know that his knowledge is shallow and he becomes a laughing stock. Someone has rightly said that it is better to remain silent and be thoughtful than speaking thoughtlessly.

Fourthly, too much talking often leads to misunderstanding. A majority to quarrels can be avoided if we can only control our speech.

Last but not the least silence is a part of spiritual discipline. It is, undoubtedly, a virtue of high order. Speech is, no doubt, silver but silence is gold.


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