Can you guess who she is?

Do you Know Who is She??????……

She has been in love with me for a long time.

I have spent more than one fourth of my life in her sweet company. She is full of courage and determination. So she comes to meet me at home and some times in college also. But I told her not to meet me during the day time. After that she started coming only at the night.

But one day she came to meet me in the class room. My class teacher caught me and said,”If you cannot live without her you should go out of the classroom.” Then I came home.

At night she used to come daily but that night she did not come. I missed her badly. She came very late at night. Then I became very happy.

Next day at 8.30 am suddenly my parents caught me red-handed in her sweet company. My parents scolded me. And she went very quickly. I felt ashamed of myself and could not say anything.

Can you guess who she was?

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