Destiny : You don’t meet people by accident but…

Our History is not our destiny. A person often meet his destiny on the road he took to avoid it.

Sonia and Ajay was in love with each other. They were happy and thought of a future together.

When Sonia told about this to her parents, they denied and started looking groom for her. Finally, they have found Deepak who is well educated and having a good job.
Deepak and Sonia got engaged. She was in contact with Ajay in her courtship period and made plan to break her engagement with Deepak. She tried every bit to succeed but couldn’t because destiny had something else for her. Deepak was a very nice and kind hearted person but she couldn’t realize it because she was in love with Ajay. Time passed away and marriage was on the card. She begged Ajay to help her to stop this marriage and he tried his level best but couldn’t make it.

Finally Sonia and Deepak tied in a knot. They started understand, liking and loving each other with the time. Sonia realized and felt Deepak as her destiny and started living happily with each other.

I know you have heard this story many times from your friends or on internet. Destiny may decide who touches your life but you have to decide who can touch your heart.


“You don’t meet people by accident. There is always a reason, a lesson or a blessing.”

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