Meaning of Independence Day for IT Companies…

Everyone know we have our Independence Day on 15th August every year but in most of the IT or non IT companies it has been celebrated on 14th August (Like we are celebrating Pakistan’s independence day) because 15th August is a public holiday and nobody wants to come office to celebrate this.


Independence Day has a different meaning for different people, like

  • For Army, it’s a day of Pride and honor.
  • For Police, It’s a day to do duty strictly.
  • For Politicians, It’s a day to do Indian Flag hoisting and long speech.
  • For Students, It’s a day to do parade in local ground in front of chief guests or to participate in the school function.
  • For IT employees, it’s a day to have fun by watching movies in theater, shopping etc. If this day comes on a day to make long weekend then this is a golden opportunity for them for a hill station or Goa visit.
  • For Bollywood, a golden day for movie release.

Let’s talk about the IT companies’ celebration. For the whole year, they never ever remember our country but on one day before of 26th January or 15th August, they started playing quiz which has questions related to Independence warriors, Indian culture, Indian pride etc. Rangoli, painting, singing and decoration competition also conducted to celebrate this day.

Companies’ staff decorate whole office in Tri-Colour of INDIAN flag. Asked employees to wear ethnic dresses for photo shoots. These photo shoot happened only to upload pics on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and their own website to prove that we are biggest patriot of INDIA.
Though we got independence, 71 years ago but do we know the real meaning of independence? We only think the parade in ground, celebration in offices is the only way to celebrate this day. I think, we should open our mind and think, we are still dependent on foreign countries like America, China, Australia, Japan etc. for to earn money for livelihood. I know it’s really hard to remove this dependency but at least we can try it by using Indian products as much as we can.
We are a developing country from last 70+ years and still remain in this state till our youth participate in political moved rallies, attack, ask for caste-based reservation, follow religious leader blindly etc.
So, on this 72nd Independence Day, let’s pledge to work for the betterment of INDIA by participating as much as you can in following movements:
• Clean INDIA
• Green INDIA
• Plastic-Free INDIA
• 100% Educated INDIA
• Make in INDIA
Above are the few movements that I remember but there are more movements has been started for the growth of our country.

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