Credit Card : Take Small Precaution than To Feel Sorry After Suffering..

Since last 3-4 days, I was getting calls from unknown numbers which even true caller wasn’t able to identify. Every time when I picked up those calls, the person on the other side offered me an ICICI credit card which I declined. Finally, I asked one of the callers to explain that offer.
Sir, this is Independence Day offer from ICICI. Card is free for lifetime with no annual charges and has lots of features like 10% discount on shopping, dining, air tickets as well as free movie tickets.

But I already have ICICI card with similar features though I need to pay an annual fee if I don’t spend a minimum amount through a year.
This a limited period offer so you may move to this card. Just WhatsApp me your PAN card, Aadhar card and a photograph.
I disconnected the call and contacted ICICI to check the existence of free card and after 10 minutes, when I was connected to a phone banking officer, he confirmed that yes, there is a free credit card offered by ICICI.
Okay. In that case, ICICI is making fool of me by charging an annual fee for a card.


No sir, we are not making fool of you rather those callers are trying to fool you because:
  1. There is no independence day offer. This card is available all over the year.
  2. Who will take our cards with an annual fee if we will provide offers for free? The free card has very fewer features as compared to yours.
  3. No bank asks existing customers to provide documents for a new card. You can place your request for the card on this call itself.
  4. We can’t say those people are frauds but can’t guarantee that they are genuine as well. You always have a choice whether to trust any stranger and give sensitive documents/information to him/her or directly contact the bank to find out the truth.

That’s very true. Fraudsters don’t point a gun towards us like robbers do and loot whatever we have at that moment rather we ourselves handover all the required tools to them to loot our life-long earnings.


It’s much better to stay safe now by taking small precautions than to feel sorry after suffering huge loss.

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