SMS Fraud : Stay Alert


I really appreciate the hard work of our fraudsters. First they send an SMS using a reputed name like “Airtel” (however I would have preferred to use the relevant bank name as sender), creating basic websites with some XYZ domain names, choosing a random bank to mention in the message and using same template again and again with different bank names with an assumption that If someone doesn’t have Kotak card then he/she might be having SBI one.

However the thing that I didn’t like at all was the level of details which they are asking. Name, email ID, Phone number, card number, dates and CVV are fine but why to ask CRN and MPIN as well? I don’t understand if they really want to steal money from our accounts or not. If someone is such a well-aware person, who knows these ‘not so common’ details, will he/she get into such a dumb trap so easily? If any fraudster is reading this then please stop asking these details so that we are not deprived of this opportunity of getting robbed by you. Please put some more effort to get OTP instead of thinking about updating our phone numbers in bank records using MPIN and CRN.


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