A small Trick To Keep Your Child Safe..

A stranger met an 8-year-old girl outside her school and told her that her mother is in some trouble so she has sent him to take her home. Without any hesitation, girl asked, “What’s the password?” Listening to this unexpected question that man ran away.


Actually that girl and her mother had agreed on a password so that in case of emergency if mother has to send someone else to pick her then she can ask for a password for confirmation.

I had received this message last week through a Whatsapp group. Although I did the formality of sharing this message in few other groups still I wasn’t convinced that anyone takes such messages seriously but I was wrong. Parents of a 12-year-old girl in Ghaziabad understood the importance of this message and by doing that they saved their daughter’s life. Last Sunday when a girl was playing in her “posh” society’s play ground and her father was out for shopping, a man came near to her and told the girl that her father had an accident and calling her. She asked, “My father must have told you the password. First tell me the password then I will go along with you”. When he couldn’t answer then she started shouting and that man ran away.

Considering the ever increasing sexual crimes against women, girls and now even infants, it’s not tough to imagine what would have happened if parents hadn’t taken this message seriously and strictly advised their daughter to stick to it and it’s not about girls only. As per Indian govt record, every hour 5 children, I repeat “5 children per hour”, which include both boys and girls, are stolen and it’s just an official record. Actual stats will surely be much higher. Once a child is lost, he/she ends up spending his/her life in brothels, begging at traffic signals or working at small shops whereas parents are left to spend their lives cursing themselves and hoping that one day they will meet their child again.

Of course, this method is neither a solution of problem nor it can provide full protection but even if it can save 1 out of 100 lives, like it happened in case of “posh society” of Ghaziabad, then also it is worth making use of. Now when I have understood the importance of this message and shared it with all of you, I hope you will also understand the same and make your children as well as near and dear ones aware of it and MORE importantly will ask them to take it very seriously.



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