WhatsApp Forwarding Message Restriction Loopholes


To show its deep concerns towards rising mob attacks in India, initiated via Whatsapp messages, Whatsapp is rolling out a feature to restrict a person from forwarding a message to more than 5 people/groups but in reality, it looks like nothing but an eyewash because:

First: It will not be a server update rather app update so restriction will be imposed on those people only who will update their app to latest version

Second: To invoke an attack, 5 groups are more than enough. If a group has 50 members then those 50 members can forward the message to 250 groups and so on.

Third and most importantly, restriction is on forwarding only not on copying. A message can be easily copied and pasted to unlimited number of groups.

The only way to stop dangerous rumors is by watermarking the forwarded messages/images with phone number of originator and by disabling the posting of “Copied” messages in group conversations but then it will be end of Whatsapp because Indians will move to some other app. After all privacy is much more important for us than life.



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