Mission: Impossible Fallout, a film that believe in phrase “Fortune favours the brave”

What do you want from an action movie? Death-defying stunts (not the ridiculously flying cars as shown in F&F), edge of the seat chase scenes, hand to hand combats, realistic acting, pacy screenplay and a story with unpredictable twists and turns.


Mission: Impossible Fallout has not only incorporated all these ingredients but is like a testament to a living miracle named Tom Cruise. At the age of 56 years, he has looked much younger than what he had looked in Ghost protocol in 2011 and it’s not about looks alone. His non-stop running will make you feel like panting while sitting in your seat, his bike riding will make your heart skip a beat and his car driving will make you forget Transporter.


Whether he is jumping from building to building (and getting his ankle fractured in REALITY) or diving from height of 25000 feet (around 100 TIMES just to take a perfect shot), taking life-threatening leaps of faith, climbing cliffs with bare hands or flying a helicopter, his determination, dedication and sincerity will make you believe that everything is happening in real. In addition, his acting in emotional scenes proves why he is class above all the action heroes.


Everyone knows that in the end, he will accomplish another impossible mission with the help of his team but all the fun lies in 150 minutes of journey only. It is one of those films that will force you to believe in phrase “Fortune favours the brave”. Certainly one of the best in MI series if not the best.




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